Content marketing allows you to showcase your areas of expertise within an established community, helping to solidify your relationships with current customers and build your reputation with prospective clients.

Every day, hundreds of clients and prospects visit your website, social media outlets or communities that you are a part of.  Content marketing is a unique way to help provide them with valuable information while demonstrating the services you bring to their organization.

IGE Media has the industry expertise to help you communicate effectively with healthcare professionals.  Our content marketing services provide you with editorial guidance as well communications experts who will help with effectively telling your story.  You are the expert, let IGE Media help you show it off. We offer various levels of assistance:

Level 1: Making a Plan We’ll show you how to take that information out of your brain and tell your story.

  • Clarify your company’s story
  • Develop goals and objectives
  • Develop an editorial calendar and style guide
  • Create content mapping
  • Create a channel strategy

Level 2:  Implementing the Plan We’ll help you develop content that is educational, informative and entertaining, while also reaching customers at each stage of the sales process.

  • Curate repurposed content
  • Create original content (newsletters, enews, white papers, case studies)
  • Edit content using style guide and writing guidelines
  • Post content using content mapping and channel plans

Level 3:  Building a Community We’ll ensure your content becomes a conversation – a story that needs an audience to respond.

  • Build a new audience of people
  • Create conversations with your consumers
  • Establish listening posts: Determine where your audience is online and what they are talking about
  • Respond to those conversations with more relevant content
  • Build and maintain an email list with a provider
  • Develop / implement a promotion strategy
  • Measure progress using the analytics pyramid

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