About Us

As the publishers of Medical News and producers of the MediStar Awards, IGE Media are experts in healthcare media and communications.  IGE Media has focused on business to business communications in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years and has a long track record of success connecting healthcare leaders, and helping clinicians and executives make informed business decisions.

Our Value

IGE Media combines the skills and best practices of the business of publishing  with deep, insightful knowledge in the business of healthcare .  We use this approach to build communities of healthcare clinicians and executives…two groups who represent tremendous influence in our healthcare system and impressive buying power in the business to business category.  More than a publishing or advertising platform, we help deliver results for our audience and yours:

  • Strong, evidence-based ROI
  • Brand visibility across the entire healthcare business marketplace
  • Civic engagement opportunities and notoriety for a firm’s civic responsibility and engagement
  • The opportunity to be front and center before the leaders and key influencers in the business of healthcare

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