5 steps to building a Twitter following

relevant-twitter-followersChristopher S. Penn, VP of marketing technology at SHIFT Communications, said that the secret sauce of social media is the ability to find and be found by people who want to find you but don’t know you exist. You don’t need a large audience.  Just the right audience.  Think quality, not quantity. Think depth, not width.  Penn shows us how to grow your audience on Twitter quickly and effectively in eight steps.  Penn’s full article can be found here.


We have consolidated his eight into five and will take a closer look at each of the five steps in the coming days.

  • Decide on your audience and then build it up: Like a talented musician playing music to an empty room, you need to attract an audience if you want to be heard.
  • Tweet stuff of value that’s worth sharing: This is the most important step and should be practiced over and over again. Remember good content is king.
  • Assess: You’re wasting your time with social media if you’re not measuring it.  After about 30 days of seeding your audience and sharing good stuff, measure your success using a multitude of tools.
  • Follow You, Follow Me: Find the list of people who have retweeted you to their audiences and follow everyone who follows them.
  • Repeat Repeat Repeat: Repeat step 2 for about 6 weeks. Then repeat steps 3 and 4.


Next time:  We will take a closer look one at step one – finding and building a relevant audience.


Over to you: Do you have any other tips related to building more Twitter followers? Let’s discuss it further using the comment form below.


Sally McMahon is with IGE Media in Louisville, Ky. IGE Media helps connect business leaders to new customers through advertising, content management and custom publications. Follow @IGEMedia