5 lessons in growing your business

5 lessons in growing your business
  1. Getting started with content marketing: What is it? Why should I care? How can it help my business?  If you are new to content marketing, here are the basics.
  2. How to explain content marketing to non-content people: If you hear crickets when explaining content marketing to someone at a networking event, your layman interpretation needs help.
  3. 6 ideas for your law firm’s content marketing strategy: Law firms know content marketing can attract new leads, but many lack the proper strategy and resources.
  4. 7 steps for starting a content marketing program in your organizationThere is a dizzying array of information online explaining how to begin a content marketing plan. Get started now with this one simple guide for newbies.
  5. 25 examples of content marketing:  Looking for a quick list of examples that you could implement today? Look no further.


Over to you: Do you have any other tips related to creating and implementing a content marketing plan? Let’s discuss it further using the comment form below.
Sally McMahon is with IGE Media in Louisville, Ky. IGE Media helps connect business leaders to new customers through advertising, content management and custom publications.